Organization of Non-State Actors of Chad (OANET)

The Organization of Non-State Actors of Chad (OANET) is an umbrella organization of Civil Society governed by Decree No. 27 / INT-SUR of July 28, 1962. It is an exclusive group of civil society and non-religious associations, non-political and non-profit private sector representative platforms. OANET is a network of 17 platforms, consisting of 7,256 grassroots organizations.

OANET is the Focal Point organization of the Conflict Prevention and Management Platform in Central Africa (PREGESCO), Member of the National Governance Commission of the APRM, Signatory of the pact, as a representative of civil society organizations, the Comprehensive Agriculture Development Program in Africa (PDDA), and Focal Point of the Civil Society Platform for Peacebuilding and Statebuilding (CSPPS) – a constituency of the International Dialogue for Peacebuilding and Statebuilding (IDPS). OANET engages in research on the role of young people in preventing violent extremism.

Association Tchadienne des Cultures Mixtes (ATCUM)


The association is non-profit, secular and apolitical. It promotes culture through digital tools, and innovations through the participation of young people and the most vulnerable in society. ATCUM addresses as much as possible issues related to human rights, mother and child rights, and promotes a culture of peace and tolerance through media content.


ATCUM is launching a short movie on preventing violent extremism in 2018 that will be premiered in Ndjamena and other parts of Chad.


Centre for Security, Peace and Development Studies in Africa (CSPDSA)


The CSPDSA is a Chadian organization whose mission is to contribute to the rise of an emerging and peaceful Africa to improve the well-being and living conditions of present and future generations. To this end, the organization intends to strengthen the political dialogue with the various actors (public authorities, society and development partners) for the peaceful resolution of conflicts and the strengthening of democratic institutions, efficient management of natural resources and build resilience of people to different shocks to support growth and participate in the emergence of Africa.