“Je mengage!”

“Je mengage!” is a civic organization that works in the field of active citizenship and entrepreneurship to empower vulnerable communities. The association has developed expertise in the prevention and fight against violent extremism through endogenous research/action, and Women against Violent Extremism: From Prevention to Resilience.


A major success area was to have succeeded in creating the meeting of women from all walks of life who meet periodically to take ownership of the theme and develop methods to be resilient in a sustainable way. “Je mengage trains and initiate groups led by women to become community relays. The training is accompanied by coaching according to needs and financial possibilities.



Choukrane is a non-governmental organization that aims to evaluate the quality of service provided to citizens. To this end, Choukrane has developed various tools for sensitizing and evaluating public figures, citizens, businesses and civil society actors. The aim of the organization is to create a climate of trust and popularization of good practices of individuals and institutions that have served the country. In the specific aspect of preventing violent extremism, Choukrane works with young people to sensitize them against violent extremism and drugs.