Association Régionale des Femmes pour la Recherche de la Paix en Casamance (KABONKETOOR)


Armed rebellion has reduced agricultural and tourist activities by 80 percent in Casamance since 1982. This has resulted in the abandonment of nearly 231 villages, the displacement of 60,000 people to Ziguinchor and surrounding areas, closure of schools and health centres, deaths and destabilization. The Association finds its essence in the search for and implementation of ways to promote and consolidate peace in Casamance.

KABONKETOOR, which means forgiving one another or mercy, is an apolitical association of women of all ages, of all religious denominations, of all social categories who work for the establishment and consolidation of peace in Casamance. KABONKETOOR was created in 1999 with a view to resolving and preventing the conflict that has been raging in southern Senegal for 34 years.


The African Meeting for the Defense of Human Rights (RADDHO)

The African Meeting for the Defense of Human Rights (RADDHO) is a non-governmental, non-partisan, non-profit, non-governmental organization. It was created on 21 April 1990 in Dakar (Senegal) by a group of African intellectuals, made up of mostly teachers and researchers at the Cheikh Anta Diop University of Dakar. The purpose of RADDHO is to promote, defend and protect human rights at the national, regional and international levels. Since its creation, the Organization has been working for the promotion of human rights, through education and popularization of national, regional and international legal instruments, with a view to their proper ownership by citizens and populations.

RADDHO works on the prevention of violent extremism by implementing education programs for peace and citizenship. It has set up a vast network of education for peace and citizenship in all major institutions of Senegal (high schools and universities). RADDHO is also working with the judicial authorities to combat torture and the radicalization of prisoners with a view to their social reintegration.